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bi·og·ra·phy [bahy-og-ruh-fee]
- a written account of another person's life.
- or in the case of Something Else... truth mixed with fantasy.

Michael J. Klock 

Born in 1982, Michael grew up in Henrietta, NY. He started playing bass and singing backup in a rock band with his brother called Cherry Bomb when he was 16. Klocker loved music from the get-go. His parents had a lot of records they handed down to Michael and his big brother. He remembers listening to tons of Beatles, Hendrix, Jethro Tull, Zepplin and all that stuff while waiting for the bus in middle school. Michael loved the pop stuff too. Klocker and his sister used to love Mariah Carey's "Fantasy". Michael stated "It was so funky and her vocals were killer!" He would sing along to anything he heard. Michael had a knack for imitating singers and sounds that evolved over time.

aka "Klocker"

Michael actually met Johnny Cummings at MCC and both coincidentally followed up with Nazareth, but didn't really develop their friendship or musical connection until years after they first met. Fate brought them together in the summer of 2005 when a friend asked the both of them to put together a cover band for a high school grad party. From that moment on it truly was a magic of sorts. About 7 months ago Johnny introduced him to Mike Lasaponara as a prospective new drummer for the band and Michael was sold after they ran the first song. Klocker says, "It's a real blessing to be able to play in a band with guys that not only are great musicians, but are also great friends too."

Johnny Cummings

Johnny was born in 1981 and grew up in Bergen, NY. He started learning the piano at age 4 and performing out at age 6. Johnny attended Byron Bergen High School where he was involved in the Chess Club, was a member of "Role Players of NY State" (RPONYS), and served as Vice President for the "Future Wives of America". He claims to have decided to become a musician while at the "Fish Under the Sea Dance".

aka "Johnny"

Johnny remembers meeting Michael Klock at a local village fete that he was performing at. Klock was wearing an orange checked shirt and was singing "Come Go With Me" by the Dell Vikings and making up the words as he went along. Johnny recalls thinking to himself "Nice shirt, loser." As far as meeting Mike Lasaponara, he insists they found him randomly on the side of the street. When asked why he decided to join forces with Klock, Johnny confesses to having "lost a bet" .

Michael Lasaponara

Born in 1980 in Rochester, NY, Michael started playing the drums in school when he was just 13 years old after being influenced by his father, friends and all types of music genres. 

While attending The Aquinis Institute, Lasaponara enhanced his drumming technique by participating in Marching Band, Jazz Band and the Drum Corps which allowed him to start drumming professionaly at the age of 17. He then went onto SUNY Fredonia where he learned the Technical Engineering art of Sound Recording, later becoming the President of the program. He also participated in the orchestra and drummed for studio projects. After his college years, Lasaponara drummed professionally for several bands. 

aka "Mikey"

Lasaponara met the two founding members of Something Else, Michael Klock and Johnny Cummings in late 2010 through a mutual friend. After auditioning for the 3 piece cover band, Klock and Cummings commended Laspaonara's drumming technique and consistency but above all, his creative ability for fills.

Lasaponara's musical influences include, A Perfect Circle, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Chick Corea, Tool and Nine Inch Nails. When Laspopanara was asked what his favorite songs are that Something Else performs and why, Mike replied: "It's a tie between Lady Gaga's 'Bad Romance' and Stone Temple Pilots hit song 'Vaseline'. I like putting more of a rock vibe to Bad Romance and Vaseline is just my favorite song ever!"

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